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Update :  We have updated the Privacy Policy to reflect the installation of CCTV on the bus.   

Timetable : There will be 3 bus runs in the morning and on this bus it is important that your child catches their allocated bus as these buses will be running at capacity and there will not be flexibility to fit onto a later bus.

The return journey will be on a first come first served basis and the bus will do multiple runs back to Bucklebury  dependent on numbers of children waiting.  However all children should be there by 3:45 pm,  so Alison is aware they require transporting.

The following year groups will be on the following morning run:


   Year 8

   Year 9

   Year 12

8:15 am

   Year 11

   Year 13



   Year 7

   Year 10

Bucklebury Primary school transport : Primary school children travelling to Bucklebury Primary School will depart Bluecoats at 08:40

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Latest updates

Bucklebury Community Bus is always interested in promoting the charitable work we do. If you would like to stay informed about everything happening at Bucklebury Community Bus, including the latest news, upcoming events, and fundraising activities, check out the latest below. We do our best to update our section with the newest and latest so you’re in the know.

GDPR : Revised Privacy Policy

February, 2019

Our Privacy Policy has been updated to reflect the changes required with the installation of CCTV on the bus. You can find a copy here :

Service Announcements

Important service announcements will be posted here : 

Privacy Policy

Policy link and detail here

About the Charity

Bucklebury Community Bus Charity
The Bucklebury Community Bus Charity was established in 2016 to provide a “not for profit” transport facility for the residents of Bucklebury Parish.  Funds raised by the charity will be used to provide and maintain a community bus service for the benefit of the Bucklebury community.

The aims of the charity are to

  • Raise funds for the purchase, ongoing running and maintenance of suitable vehicles(s) for use by the community

  • Provide a regular and reliable home to school transport service for local children attending Kennet School

  • To provide transport for Bucklebury Primary School children to attend activities in the local area when appropriate

  • Enable adult residents to maintain contact with the wider community and amenities of West Berkshire

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